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Tech can be complicated; we try to make it easy.

Linus Tech Tips is a passionate team of "professionally curious" experts in consumer technology and video production which aims to inform and educate people of all ages through entertaining videos. We create product reviews, step-by-step computer build guides, and a variety of other tech-focused projects.

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11:54An Uncontroversial Opinion - AMD RX 6600 XT Announcement
An Uncontroversial Opinion - AMD RX 6600 XT AnnouncementÁhorf 540 þ.23 klukkustundum síðan
11:44The $300 Holographic Photo Frame
The $300 Holographic Photo FrameÁhorf 660 þ.23 klukkustundum síðan
18:46A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?
A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?Áhorf 2,4 m.23 klukkustundum síðan
18:43Easy Small Form Factor Build? No.
Easy Small Form Factor Build? No.Áhorf 1,1 m.23 klukkustundum síðan
12:32Techifying a freakin' BOAT!
Techifying a freakin' BOAT!Áhorf 1 m.23 klukkustundum síðan
1:47:47Talk me Down from The Wall... - WAN Show July 23, 2021
Talk me Down from The Wall... - WAN Show July 23, 2021Áhorf 369 þ.23 klukkustundum síðan
15:10How to install Linux instead of Windows 11
How to install Linux instead of Windows 11Áhorf 931 þ.7 dögum síðan
17:15NVIDIA Thinks These GPUs Are Worthless
NVIDIA Thinks These GPUs Are WorthlessÁhorf 1,4 m.7 dögum síðan
12:24I bought this $9000 CPU for $999 😁
I bought this $9000 CPU for $999 😁Áhorf 1,2 m.7 dögum síðan
9:41This Laptop is ALL SCREEN!
This Laptop is ALL SCREEN!Áhorf 781 þ.7 dögum síðan
18:45Where did these AWESOME Retro Consoles come from???
8:52Gaming at Max Settings is Really Dumb
Gaming at Max Settings is Really DumbÁhorf 1 m.14 dögum síðan
15:29I need HELP with my new house...
I need HELP with my new house...Áhorf 1,3 m.14 dögum síðan
8:08AMD vs Intel Title Fight!
AMD vs Intel Title Fight!Áhorf 1,1 m.14 dögum síðan
17:27DON’T buy a new PC for Windows 11!
DON’T buy a new PC for Windows 11!Áhorf 2 m.14 dögum síðan
9:43The God-King of Monitors - ASUS ProArt PA32UCG
12:31I can’t believe it didn’t leak…
I can’t believe it didn’t leak…Áhorf 1,3 m.14 dögum síðan
1:10:49CELEBRITY Tech Trivia!
CELEBRITY Tech Trivia!Áhorf 964 þ.21 degi síðan síðan
9:59Why do Laptop Webcams Suck??
Why do Laptop Webcams Suck??Áhorf 966 þ.21 degi síðan síðan
13:29People MUST be buying these?! - ORIGIN PC EON-17X Showcase
14:49Powering Up My ZERO Compromises Desk PC Part 4
Powering Up My ZERO Compromises Desk PC Part 4Áhorf 1,7 m.21 degi síðan síðan
12:19PC Specs Are Officially Meaningless - Corsair One a200
PC Specs Are Officially Meaningless - Corsair One a200Áhorf 1,3 m.21 degi síðan síðan
10:28NVIDIA Killed Their Own Premium Products
NVIDIA Killed Their Own Premium ProductsÁhorf 1,2 m.21 degi síðan síðan
55:453nm CPUs Are Coming! - WAN Show July 2, 2021
3nm CPUs Are Coming! - WAN Show July 2, 2021Áhorf 368 þ.21 degi síðan síðan
9:57Surprisingly Cool! - OBSBOT Tiny AI Webcam Showcase


  • child: throws motherboard Linus: *look of pain*

  • Linus couldn't look worse in that thumbnail xD editors did him dirty!

  • "It's a couple extra steps, and we're going to have to use the terminal to do it." Well, that's pretty much Linux in a nutshell, am I right? Still, Linux may very well, be my go to in the future assuming all the software I need will work without a hitch.

  • 2k each or between the three?

  • 4:30 We all have that 1 relative who literally becomes illiterate when reading instructions relating to any tech.

  • That Intro where the Dumbass just steals the Mac Instead of the Pc Pro

  • “I was a Sega kid but that doesn’t mean i cant appreciate other things, unlike…Nintendo fans”…..Anthony after my own heart 😝

  • This is so sweet, really hope it does well. Also hope to see an amd version :)

  • No webcam is a deal breaker. I wanted to go ASUS, but nup, not this platform.... I would want to use it for video editing along with business adaptation....

  • I game at 75hz..... There's no hope this would make a difference.

  • i dare you to run it in sli

  • I'm apparently I'm enough of a nerd that when I clicked on this video I thought it was going to be a network switch to facilitate piracy not a Nintendo switch. Mind you, I'm not sure what a piracy focused network switch would entail, perhaps built in openVPN config and a blacklist of known IPs to avoid?

  • Yes Linus is right that's how Linear Antennas work

  • can it handle 2 external displays with 2 HDMI ports? if so, I'm basically sold

  • says he's not seen any of the rumours and leaks, proceeds to talk rumours and leaks

  • I think my eyes are lot more important than the tv 😂

  • Wait only 1 case fan working or the other is in sync with the camera ?

  • I get a phone book every year in the mail

  • Linus, you aren't allowed to say the word 'Taiwan' anymore, because China will ban you because by even saying that word you are admitting that Taiwan even exists. And the CCP does not want anyone to admit that Taiwan exists....

  • This pc made my 3000 dollar system seem broke

  • Does it have a backlit keyboard? I believe the basic requirements are an ips (led hopefully) 1080p screen, backlit keyboard, 256 gb ssd, an Intel i5 10th/11th gen or Ryzen 5 4000/5000 series processor, a 50WH battery, a decent trackpad, speakers and microphone, a 720p/1080p webcam, some good ports (1 type C, 2 usb 3 or, 1 RJ-45 ethernet port, earphone Jack).

  • Cool topic, great laptop but I dislike your way of presenting it, sorry... Constructive criticism: Please show especially the weaknesses as well. In my opinion a problem with this laptop is that you cannot just use any components from 3rd parties (at least yet) which makes you dependent on Framework as a company and another uncool thing I noticed is that you cannot preorder the laptop with some sort of linus os preinstalled... :( hope these things might change soon However!! Its a step in the right direction!!! I love the idea behind it. I am going to wait for a little while and then I want to see improvements that really as you say in german "haut mich vom hocker" And then imma go buy it

    • Oh and please correct me if i got anything wrong from their website :)

  • 😎

  • CPU n GPU still unupgradable....

  • you forgot, the factor of new world melting GPU's :D

  • Actually tho, who is it?

  • But, will Windows 11 Run on it? :)

  • I usually don't comment on things like that, but I hate these littles controllers that they hold, when I see it, is the only thing that I can focus on the video. "when they gonna use it", "I want to see them clicking the button", and usually I end up leaving the video. I know that I’m the problem. But I just can’t deal with it.

  • "sponsors" "our sponsor" Thank God for fast forwarding...........

  • Lol. That's a lot of fake plants behind Linus! He's got the jungle theme going well! PeakDos wireless HDMI extender is a solid product and we are currently reviewing it. Latency seems to be no issue but the 20 foot range is limiting. Still a good product that many people will love.

  • Absolutely fucking hilarious

  • Nice! Your old house also seemed modest for a business owner of your caliber. The. new house seems great with a lot of space for cool things and a place with potential to be a great home for you guys for many years. Gz. Looking forward to se all the progress here!!

  • Y'all forget the fact that Linus is actually way richer than Justine...

  • Every day we stray further from Jod

  • Ridgewallet.. debulging men's pants since... 4770k..

  • I've been waiting a while for a new Linux video for a while! Personally prefer Solus over Pop! Didn't see a video about valve work with EAC and the eye people allowing them to work across proton.

  • Does he think minimalistic means white.

  • "$5 keyboard next to a G-wagon" that's a pretty accurate summary of Chinese people LOL

  • Framework also fixes the "buy and through away" problem

  • I'm glad my GTX 1070 is still kicking. It would suck to have *no* graphics card in this market.

  • I don't want to put a damper on this but it looks a bit too good to be true , it could flop like other devices but we will see.

  • So, you're saying that, you know, perhaps planned obsolescence should pack it bags? Yes. See it happening? Nope.

  • What happened about water cooled ps5 Did it failed 😧😧

  • Back when I used to borrow genuine game CDs from my friends and copy them at home, then later find out I couldn't play them with copied CD

  • build the pc in the desk

  • Framework just know how to make tech ppl bust

  • This laptop is literally everything

  • Now you can do it with four 8k tvs, an amd threadripper cpu and a rtx 3090 I think.

  • Can i get pc mr. Linus pls

  • China Rulez :-)

  • If only I were in America, I would have it right now

  • Yeah sure.. lets make a video and "explain" to consumers why they should ease their anger toward companies pushing higher prices. Now lets see if you'd make a video explaining where they could and should make GPUs more affordable again

  • I bought a 80plus gold sea sonic psu back b4 they were name brand and that shit has been a tank for years

  • prices are completely irrelevant when stock levels are still 0 !

  • We get taxed three times from the government twice and the one who made it once.

  • What Desktop Environment did he show there at 6:50?

  • When i first saw this 2 years ago i thought it's too long to even start watching. Today i clicked on it to skip through but ended up watching the whole damn thing. This is amazingly good! By the way Linus, these roasts still perfectly apply to you even with that glued-on beard of yours. Fuck you and i love your channel <3

  • I feel sooo sorry for the people who have not long bought an rtx. xD xD xD

  • Framework Pls don’t sell the company 😭

  • CPU is NOT upgradable? Repair battery (my MacBook battery lasted 7 years) and it's time for the CPU upgrade but sorry it's NOT upgradable LOL. Sorry, I really don't get this. Lastly, will this be as expensive as an Alienware after all ram, SSD ?? I wish small projects like this to become successful but to me it's not practical.

  • Thanks for scalpers, miner and chip shortage... to get our heads out of our ass.

  • meanwhile in india gtx 1650 goes around 380$ me: time to get outta this country

  • Are the switches mechanical? Do they ghost more than two simultaneous inputs?

  • Manufacturers: "You're losing because of your bad hardware" Competitive Smash players: "NO JOHNS!"

  • 3:25 you can see Linus mouthing Anthony's lines off the teleprompter, and I think that's kinda nice, one it's telling of all the work that gets put into making these videos, and also you get to see all the spare energy Linus has; he can't just idle on set!

  • ohmygod finally! Studio monitors! You can really tell a mix is being done on headphones when the music is really brought down to a level that is just slightly hearable on headphones, but is almost non-existent on a monitor setup. Looking forward to hearing audio improvements to your videos!

  • Steam Deck vibes

  • I'm going to buy one of these the moment it is available in the Philiphines.

  • Why won't they make OS X drivers for these cards :(

  • NICE! A pair of headphones that Minecraft Steve can wear

  • When a 3 year old has a better PC than you

  • Love the vids with Anthony, good info thanks for the content !!!

  • A dream come true. I hope this company is still gonna be alive and well when it's time to upgrade my laptop in a few years again.

  • No thank you !

  • I come from the future. We are now using Razer optical mechanical switch.

  • Well, this is seriously depressing

  • Fuck this shit ads 😬

  • So, what have we learned? Additive Manufacturing needs to become better and more mainstream and it might be better to fabricate something yourself than buy it used. I think we can do that

  • kinda tired of these “BEAST 1080P” cards. The goddamn gtx 1660 is a 1080p beast. they need to start promoting 1440P for budget cards